Producing alternative green futures: Exploring interconnections between green transitions and socioeconomic and political organization

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Dominant ideas about green transitions within our policy and knowledge institutions are constrained by mainstream development models premised on mass-production and consumption and remain unconnected to our socioeconomic and political models.
This project produces new empirical and conceptual knowledge about alternatives and innovation beyond mainstream ideas by comparing cases in India, South Africa and Denmark. The cases share a holistic understanding of links between environmental sustainability and more participatory democratic modes of socioeconomic and political organizing. Conceptualising such links, we produce knowledge which disrupts taken for granted assumptions about green transitions and stimulates our ability to imagine other pathways. The cases display varying degrees of breaks and continuities with mainstream modes of socio-economic and political life and enable knowledge about how green transitions might presuppose different socioeconomic and political organizing.
Kort titelGreen Futures
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Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/202231/08/2026