Power Plays - preventing sexual harassment through memory work & forum theater in workplaces of care

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The Power Plays project seeks to break the silencing of sexual harassment (SH) in workplaces of care by promoting workplace cultures prone to actively prevent and deal with SH. First, the Power Plays project develops a typology of existing SH prevention tools accompanied by guidelines for how to choose the right SH prevention strategy. Second, based on memory workshop interventions in workplaces of care across Denmark, Sweden and Finland, the Power Plays project contributes nuanced narrative cases of work-based SH experiences. Third, grounded in these SH narratives, the Power Plays project develops authentic ‘SH plays’ included in a forum theater prevention tool that can facilitate a safe, bodily and dialogical way of promoting safe workplace cultures and anti-sexual harassment literacy. The Power Plays toolbox will be tested in a variety of workplaces of care and disseminated through an independent website as well as through major care workers’ associations across the Nordic region.
Kort titelPower Plays
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/202231/01/2023



  • NIKK – Nordic Gender Equality Fund: 107.419,69 €

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  • seksuel chikane
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