Occupational Stress with mental health Clients in Acute Response (OSCAR)

  • Dupret, Katia (Projektdeltager)
  • Andersen, Birgitte (Projektleder)
  • Nordentoft, Merete (Projektleder)

    Projekter: ProjektForskning



    EU-støttet forskningsprojekt om undersøgelsen af stress og udbrændthed blandt voksenpsykiatrisk personale i 5 lande.
    Occupational stress features highly in both the hospital and community-based mental health workforce, particularly with respect to violent severely mentally ill clients. This project aims to address the problem of occupational stress by producing European comparative baseline data, and by developing and evaluating trans-European training packages, which include standardised and effective stress reduction and risk assessment procedures. Objectives are to evaluate on a European, trans-national basis levels of occupational stress and burnout, to examine the aetiological factors which precipitate the occurrence of violent behaviour, to examine the efficacy of risk management strategies, and to develop and evaluate effective stress reduction training packages. The method is a quasi-experimental research study. Outputs include a European database, standardised and evaluated risk assessment and stress reduction training packages.
    Effektiv start/slut dato30/04/200101/11/2004


    • Roskilde Universitet (leder)
    • Psykiatrien Region Sjælland (Projektpartner)
    • Middlesex University (Projektpartner)
    • Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology (Projektpartner)
    • Nordland psychiatric Hospital (Projektpartner)
    • Psykiatrien Bispebjerg (Projektpartner)
    • Aarhus Universitet (Projektpartner)
    • Tampere University (Projektpartner)
    • Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri (Projektpartner)


    • stress
    • udbrændthed
    • Psykisk arbejdsmiljø
    • psykiatri
    • professionel