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    Globally we are seeing a substantial growth in social entrepreneurship, as the state tends to withdraw from classic deliveries of welfare services and transform into new forms of private-public-voluntary partnerships and forms of corporations. Also the local and civic society are developing their social responsibilities into new engaging forms of citizenship and social economies, and citizens re-discover self-help and participation as strategies for everyday life. As a field of public interest, research, knowledge sharing and teaching social entrepreneurship has reached varying degrees of institutional support in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The economic crisis has strengthened the case for a Nordic initiative to build and further develop the institutional capacity of citizens, governments and corporations in the post-economic crisis era.
    A multidisciplinary field:
    In many countries it is a distinct feature that an interdisciplinary approach to social entrepreneurship has to be undertaken. In many cases likewise, research projects and university courses have been developed in close cooperation with actors from different public, civic society and private partners. When looking at the different disciplines and themes for the application of social entrepreneurship the perspectives are just as diverse. Consequently, SERNOC has to develop a full understanding of the complex and facetted research and teaching practice that needs to be developed in order to be able to respond to the societal forms of social entrepreneurship. Inside the mainstream disciplines, the training of researchers has been somewhat difficult because of the weak interest and expertise of the professors and teachers. This is however changing. Several Nordic universities and departments include social entrepreneurship as part of the curriculum of doctoral schools. And in Europe – at EMES – a European network for research in social entrepreneurship and social economies – a summer school has recently been launched and with great succes. In the Nordic countries a rapid growing body of doctoral students is emerging and SERNOC is therefore very timely in bringing the junior and senior researcher together for mutual collaboration, research presentations and discussing as well as publishing.
    Through a series of 5 two-days workshops and events SERNOC aims at to contrast experiences and knowledge in research as well as in teaching Social Entrepreneurship in the participating countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Estonia. Each of the workshops will have a specific outcome and work methods and culminates with a major international conference, aiming to draw in policymakers, the media and key decision makers. The overall aim is to establish the Nordic-Baltic region as a leading area of Social Entrepreneurship research and to create a Nordic-Baltic movement in Social Entrepreneurship by increased interaction between the different actors in the field. SERNOC seeks to extend and reinforce international co-operation and dialogue with researchers, organizations, entrepreneurs, policymakers and citizens and to highlight both research and training. It also intends to organize a transnational and transdisciplinary doctoral school for the study of Social Entrepreneurship and finally it aims to further the knowledge and understanding of Social Entrepreneurship in various parts of science and society.
    Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) at Roskilde University is the overall project manager securing the development of the project as well as being responsible for the financial management and reporting to NordForsk. SERNOC will be lead by Linda Lundgaard Andersen, Professor, PhD, Director of the PhD School of Lifelong Learning and Director of the Centre for Social Entrepreneuship.
    A digital communication platform connected to a network website as well as a steering committee with a member from each participating country will be established in order to enhance communication and participation of the members of the network, but also in order to reach out to researchers, institutions and other actors interested in social entrepreneurship both nationally and internationally. The network website will contain information about events and relevant activities undertaken by the network and its members. Research results, papers and publications will also be disseminated at the website and it will provide relevant links to research within the field of social entrepreneurship outside the Nordic sphere.
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