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The LINC project will demonstrate the future adaptation of electric, intelligent and driverless shuttle busses in connection with the new light rail stations in LOOP City - a solution to the first and last mile challenge of public transport. The innovativeness of the project is reflected in the novelty of combining the development of driverless technology with sustainable urban development. In doing so, the project systematically address the major challenges identified in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan-framework, and develop, test and demonstrate practical solutions to the principal problems of integrated, driverless bus transport.

LINC will conduct controlled tests with a number of driverless shuttle busses with room for 10-12 passengers at two test beds in LOOP City near two future light rail stations:
1) Danish Technical University Campus
2) Hersted Business Park in the City of Albertslund

The tests involve a high number of passengers in operation and generate knowledge from real-world designed systems to integrate this solution in a range of urban development projects and parts of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP). Focus will be on e.g. safe operation, public trust, cyber security and possibilities for on-demand dynamic routing.

The tests will include both students from the university and employees from the business park as passengers during test periods. Both quantitative data on the performance of the driverless shuttle bus and qualitative data on the experiences of the passengers with this new technology will be collected.

The project will accelerate the introduction of driverless public transport, aiming to complement and in time probably overtake and displace conventional urban bus systems. The solutions tested are aimed at increasing the reach, convenience, and competitiveness of public transport. The learnings from the two test beds have potential to be scaled and implemented at the 28 new light rail stations.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/201831/08/2021


  • Roskilde Universitet
  • Gate 21 (leder)
  • IBM
  • Nobina Denmark
  • Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
  • Loop City
  • Albertslund kommune
  • Gladsaxe Kommune


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