LISBOAN - Linking Interdisciplinary Integration Studies by Broadening the European Network

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LISBOAN (Linking Interdisciplinary Integration Studies by Broadening the European Network) in an ‘Erasmus Academic Network'. The network is part of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme, and has been selected for funding by the European Commission.

During 2010-13, LISBOAN will develop research-based teaching, spread innovative approaches and establish best practices in teaching the Lisbon treaty. As of December 2009, the Lisbon Treaty has become the EU's new fundamental framework for the foreseeable future. The analysis of altered or novel treaty provisions has consequently become a high priority for interdisciplinary research-based teaching curricula in EU studies. LISBOAN promotes synergies between research and teaching, highlights innovative approaches and establishes best practices in teaching this key issue to present and future generations of students. LISBOAN reacts to increasing demands for research-based teaching material and offers a "menu" that participants can adapt to their own curriculum demands.

LISBOAN organises:

- an annual interdisciplinary conference focusing research-based teaching on Lisbon's implementation

- an annual report on new approaches to research and teaching from all member states

- an annual award for excellent teaching and research

- regular meetings of seven thematic working groups to better connect research and teaching

- an annual PhD school training early stage researchers

- three yearly guest lectures promoting exchange on best practices

- newsletters and website covering ongoing teaching and research activities

LISBOAN establishes a network of 67 partner institutions from 32 countries, including key disciplines (economics, history, law, political sciences). Its target audience comprises lecturers, researchers and students at higher education institutions, think tanks and in public administration. LISBOAN disseminates its results across borders and disciplines, spreading innovative methods in teaching EU studies outside the network.
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