IT-Supported Clinical Communication

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    The project on IT-Supported Clinical Communication addresses clinicians' need for support of their comunication (a) internally at their department and (b) between their department and the emergency department. This communication will be supported by electronic whiteboards, which are currently available at the emergency department but will gradually be introduced at other departments. The project involves analysis of the changes necessary to fit the whiteboards to new departments, involvement in the organizational implementation of the whiteboards, and assessment of the effects of the whiteboards on the clinical communication. The project builds on the work of the Clinical Overview project and continues the collaboration with Region Zealand.

    Academic partner: Roskilde University

    Non-academic partners: Region Zealand and Imatis

    The project is co-funded by Roskilde University and Region Zealand
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/201230/04/2015


    • clinical communication
    • medical informatics
    • healthcare IT