Integration af modelering, overvågning og optimisering teknoligier for real-time styring af grundvandsressourcer.

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The Department of Science, Systems and Models and the Department of Environment, Society and Spacial Change are cooperating with DHI Water and Envirnment, DTU, Grundfos, Copenhagen Energy, and Water Tech on a project to use real-time data to opitmise well-field management. At Roskilde University, we are developing geochemical sensors, which will be used to provide constant, real-time information on the chemistry of groundwater. Ion sensors being developed include K+, Na+, Cl-, and carbonate. The information from these sensors can be used monitor the groundwater quality and in the management of the well field, in order to protect against changes in groundwater quality from, for example, seawater encroachment into the wells.
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Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200731/12/2010


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