Informal Worker Organisation and Social Protection

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The project Informal Worker Organisation and Social Protection, (SPIWORK) is a 4-year Joint Research Initiative between Roskilde University, University of Nairobi in Kenya and Mzumbe University in Tanzania financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark (Danida).

The overall aim of the project is:
To generate new and urgently needed knowledge on emerging forms of informal worker organization, and their potential for enabling informal worker access to social protection measures in Kenya and Tanzania. 
The project objectives include:
- Generating new empirical evidence based on six case studies covering three sectors (construction, petty trade and transport) in Tanzania and Kenya;
- Using this new empirical evidence to better theorize the ways in which negotiations around rightful claims for social protection take place, and the organisational forms through which claims are made and social protection provided and accessed;
- Developing analytical concepts for analysing the political economy conditions which shape informal labour markets and frame notions of, claims to and access to social protection;
- Developing policy recommendations based on the emerging evidence and theoretical work and strengthening the capacity of academics, practitioners and institutions, enabling them to better meet the needs of informal workers.

Activities and events:
During the first year, the project had two launch workshop in Nairobi (Kenya) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), hosted by the respective partners (University of Nairobi and Mzumbe University in Dar). The workshops were attended by researchers, policy-makers, providers of social protection (both private and public), civil society organisations and beneficiaries of social protection. Representatives from all three sectors covered by the project (construction, micro trade and transport) participated, and the workshop created a platform for these to discuss the content of the project idea. Moreover, the events provided an opportunity for the participants to share views and experiences in relation to social protection from both a supply and demand side. The outcomes of the workshops helped to feed into the development and fine-tuning of the main survey questionnaire, focus-group discussion tools and interview guides for key informants across all three sectors.During the second half of 2018, extensive fieldwork was carried out in both Kenya (Nairobi and Kisumu) and Tanzania (Dar and Dodoma) and the gathering of empirical data will continue into early 2019.

Upcoming events:
In April 2019, there will be a workshop in Nairobi, Kenya where team members will present and discuss the initial empirical findings, and decide on the next steps. Watch this space for more info!
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