Glocal NOMAD: Glocal Network on Media and Development

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The Glocal Network on Media and Development (Glocal NOMAD) is a network between Roskilde University, Aarhus University and Malmo University that aims to create an organized setting for Danish and cross-border knowledge production in the field of media and communication for development.

Glocal NOMAD’s objectives are:

- to articulate a joint “discursive space” in universities in Denmark and in neighboring countries for the development of this research field.

- to encourage basic research in communication for development by formulating joint inter-institutional research proposals in collaboration with international partners at Nordic, European and Glocal levels.

- to internationalize these research results.

- to engage with both national and international organizations in the field, and to ultimately influence policies and practices in media and communication for development.

Glocal NOMAD”s research agenda is to focus on the following core themes:

- Media and Development

- Cultural and Media Production

- Citizenship, Governance and Public Sphere

- Health and Environment
AkronymGlocal NOMAD
Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/200931/12/2014


  • communication for social change
  • media development
  • communication for development