Estimations of the Danish biomass resources available for producing liquid biofuels for the transportation sector – towards 2020

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    The project aims at pointing out national positions of strength in order to act proactive and identify benefits for the agricultural sector to increase the supply of raw materials for a growing bio-based economy including especially biofuels, but also biomaterials.
    In according to climate change observations and foresights several countries including Denmark have committed to reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions. However, the transport sector is still increasing its GHG emissions. Substitution of fossil fuels with biofuels seems to be the best way to reduce CO2-emission from this sector on the shorter term.
    The task is to
    i) evaluate how Denmark can produce enough biofuels to fulfil the political goal of 10 % substitution of the fossil fuel consumption in the year of 2020, and
    ii) approach the suitability of different crop species to the biofuel industry according to sustainability issues involving both environment and nature policies.

    Both agriculture and forestry, and connected industries, have great possibilities to deliver biomass resources without decreasing the current food production. However, increased sale of bioresources for bioenergy purposes require that this resource is validated as a part of the whole farm or forestry system including political regulations like for instance the EU Natura 2000 directives. Different crops have additional functions/effects like groundwater protection, biodiversity, soil fertility (including carbon sequestration) which needs to be included when validating such biomass crops. Furthermore, several biomass resources which are regarded as waste at present represent a much higher value, and needs to be addressed in such perspective.
    The Engestofte and Søholt foundation fund this project.
    The project runs from October 2007 - October 2008
    Employees involved: Henrik Hauggaard-Nielsen (biomass resources and conversion technologies)
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    • bioenergy
    • agriculture
    • forestry
    • biomass
    • Biofuel
    • Industrial waste