Erasmus+ Programme Higher Education Staff Mobility- RU & MSUPE project

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The international credit mobility project aims at developing education and research in different fields of psychology with theoretical, empirical and practical focus on "Cultural-historical psychology and activity approach in education”, relevant psychological approaches for both the institutions learning (HEI). Cultural Historical Activity Theory -CHAT-tradition (Vygotsky, Leontief, Lurje) was founded in Russia, MSUPE and is widely used within psychological and educational disciplines in the Nordic countries.
Furthermore PPL- problem oriented project learning, a major aspect of RUC profile, will be a focus area.
Staff exchange would provide strong foundation , for teaching ,training and research cooperation which begun already in 2014, when RUC Psychology study director and Russian expert visited MSUPE to establish academic and research related contact.
Staff mobility in the planned period would strengthen the collaboration and pave way for broad knowledge dissemination incl. student exchange in the long term.
AkronymRU - MSUPE
Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/201630/06/2018


  • credit mobility
  • academic exchange
  • cultural historical and activity apppraoch
  • reciprocal staff meetings
  • multiculturalism, diversity
  • further staff exchange