Erasmus Intensive Programmes (IP)- Globalisation, Conflict and Learning Societies, Liverpool John Moor Univeristy & Roskilde University (contact person Dr. Stephen Carney)

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Liverpool John Moores University in collaboration with
Roskilde University (contact person Dr. Stephen Carney), University of Eastern Finland ( Dr. Juha Kauppila), Tallinn University ( Dr. Larissa
This Erasmus Intensive Programme (IP) is designed by Liverpool John Moores University, UK, in collaboration with three European institutions including Roskilde University, Denmark; University of Eastern Finland and Tallinn University, Estonia; to create a multinational learning opportunity for their students and staff. It is envisaged that this intensive programme will diversify the educational experience of individuals involved and further enhance existing institutional capacity to develop the multi-institutional partnership into a much broader collaborative academic programme.Two key objectives of the Erasmus sub-programme:
1. To improve the quality and to increase the volume of multilateral cooperation between higher education institutions in Europe.
2. To facilitate the development of innovative practices in education and training at tertiary level, and their transfer, including from one participating country to others
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  • multiculturalism, diversity
  • Globalisation and changing role of teacher s
  • Enhancing agency in transitions of life cour s e
  • Ethnicity, identity and conflict
  • Changing nature of societies