Digital prism and the Norwegian model of workplace democracy under Pressure

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Big data and artificial intelligence are radically transforming the ways in which we work, are hired
and fired, managed and led. Datafication is impacting our ability to influence our work conditions.
Yet, the consequences of datafication of work for workplace democracy, co-determination, individual
autonomy and participation have so far not been fully understood. Workplace monitoring,
algorithmic management systems, automated decision-making support systems, performance
quantification and similar technologies represent a new form of workplace governance. Algorithmic
governance, as a new mode of power, puts the Norwegian model of workplace democracy and the
tripartite collaboration between employees and trade unions, employers, and authorities, under
pressure. This project investigates the effects of digital transformation of work on the Norwegian
model of workplace democracy. DigiWORK brings together an interdisciplinary team of researchers
from Norway, Denmark and England, from across critical sociology, social anthropology,
management, criminology, law, and history to investigate this fundamental transformation through a
combination of qualitative case studies and quantitative surveys of co-determination, workplace
democracy, participation and autonomy in the Norwegian 1) law enforcement, 2) healthcare, 3)
higher education, and 4) petroleum industry. We will deliver an in-depth and robust theory of the
transformation of power and governance in and across these sectors as a result of datafication. Our
novel comparative analysis, complemented by historical and legal perspectives, will also provide
actionable insights and policy relevant recommendations for stakeholders, e.g. trade unions and
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Effektiv start/slut dato01/04/202101/04/2025