Critical Perspectives on New Media and Processes of Social Change in the Global South

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This major Nordic-led research project sets out to address these issues by
bringing together researchers from Denmark; Finland; Norway; Sweden
and Kenya who draw on their rich experience researching in the Global
South and new empirical insights in the region to examine the following key
a.) What are the orientations and democratic implications of rapid alterations
in media systems in societies fraught with socio-economic inequalities and
political ambiguities?
b.) How are ordinary citizens engaging with and consuming media in these
new media environments and what patterns of everyday media practices at
individual and household levels emerge in such contexts?
c.) What are the implications of the emerging everyday media cultures in
such contexts on people?s social and cultural identities and local processes
of social change?
d.) In what ways do rapidly changing media environments create or alter
existing spaces for citizenship engagement at local levels and what are the
implications of the emerging everyday media cultures in these areas on
the propensity for ordinary citizens? engagement or disengagement from
e.) In what ways and to what extent do the patterns of ordinary citizens?
everyday media practices enhance; change or complicate their perceptions
of and relationship with the state?
The project examines empirically above-mentioned issues through a
focused analysis of Kenya and enrich the findings from Kenya with our
extensive previous research in other regions in the Global South. In
doing so, the project aims to contribute significantly to theoretical and
methodological discussions on the patterns of new media appropriations and
their implications in the Global South in ways which challenge and advance
similar Nordic research and policy in particular and mainstream Western
research on these issues in general.
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