Crisis and Crisis Scenarios: Normativity, Possibilities and Dilemmas - Study Circle 2014-2016, Nordisk Sommeruniversitet

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Crisis and Crisis Scenarios: Normativity, Possibilities and Dilemmas
The current situation is considered by many intellectuals, politicians and citizens as a simultaneous aggravation of the financial, political, cultural and environmental elements of the ongoing crisis in the regional and in the international community. On the other hand hope has also been expressed for the emergence of a new social, cultural and political order based on a genuine possibility of emancipation and dialogue about world problems in the international community. The proposed study group in the Nordic Summer University 2014-2016 will examine the paradoxes of the global crisis situation in the tensions between crisis aggravation leading to increased problems of economic, social and environmental world justice on the one hand and the presences of voices and signs of a paradigm shift towards sound politics and good governance on the other hand. On the basis of some possible explanations of the causes of the crisis, the study group will discuss some of its most urgent dilemmas.
This study group discusses these problems of the current crisis from different perspectives in different meetings from 2014-2016. For further information please contact Jacob Dahl Rendtorff, email:
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