Coproduction in the Nordic Welfare States in Transformation

  • Lundgaard Andersen, Linda (Projektleder)
  • Enroljas, Bernard (Projektkoordinator)
  • Vamstad, Johan (Projektkoordinator)
  • Nieminen, Ari (Projektkoordinator)

Projekter: ProjektForskning



C o-production through partnerships and collaboration with citizens, public sector and the civil society is on the political and administrative agenda and a research topic in the Nordic C ountries. The Nordic case represents an interesting and unique arena for studying co-production due to its history, its democracy and forms of governance and civic collaboration - in which we both see potentials but also restrains and problematic dimensions.
The objectives are:
1. Mapping co-production research and practice in the Nordic countries, identifying results, research needs and gaps and discuss how coproduction would be part of Nordic welfare state transformation of public policies and citizens engagement
2. Identify and further develop the national and local research profiles on coproduction in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland in order to look for similarities and differences and reflect these in the light of welfare
state politicies and citizens involvement
3. Strengthen the Nordic research collaboration through workshop activities: presenting research papers, empirical findings and national profiles – and tentatively develop cross-readings and Nordic collaboration
4. Develop a Nordic research agenda for a Horizon application situating the Nordic coproduction in theory and findings in a European and international context
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201902/01/2021


  • Roskilde Universitet (leder)
  • Institute for Social Research (Projektpartner)
  • Ersta Sköndal Bräcke högskola (Projektpartner)
  • Diakonia University of Applied Sciences