Case Studies in Understanding Transport Sensitive Industries (TSI) - Being ‘Green’ or ‘Managing’ Transport and Logistics?

  • Serin, Göran Folke (Projektleder)
  • Holzweber, Markus (Anden)

Projekter: ProjektForskning



The mega trends of modern mobility are increasing the pressure on capacity, time and costs. Globalization, urbanization, demographic, and change in consumerism represent the biggest challenges to transport and logistics today. More and more goods have to be brought to their destination. Goods must be affordable and should also help to protect the environment. Businesses and consumer rely on round the clock transport and logistic solutions. Transport Sensitive Industries (TSI) are pushing hard to achieve every day transport and logistic solutions, using all the resources available to transportation oriented businesses.
Our report is part of the 'Green STRING Corridor' project, a EU funded Interreg project. The report focuses on ‘Transport Sensitive Industries’ (TSI) in a specific part of the STRING region, the Island of Zealand (Denmark). Key to research is to identify industries that are projected to move differently in the future than in the past. In identifying which industries are sensitive and which do not, could determine future growth, competitiveness and strength of the regional business structures and its members and participants. A case study approach portrayed management thinking in the transport and logistics industry.
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