Carlsberg Foundation Research Infrastructure: Vegetarianism in a Global Perspective

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As the first of its kind, this project s purpose is to further our understanding of the role of vegetarianism by empirically studying interactions between regulation state agencies , production farmers producers , trade retailers and consumption consumers in the case of the US. This research furthers interdisciplinary understandings of why and how the market for, and regulation of, vegetarian products is only slowly and unevenly expanding. This research is important because it will contribute to establishing a global, interdisciplinary research agenda on why and how emergent forms of vegetarian food regulation can sustain vegetarianism; it will add insightful contributions to the hitherto limited comparative and empirically-based literature on vegetarianism; and it is essential for understanding why and how flexitarianism flexible or part- time vegetarianism a key aspect of the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs is understood, practiced, and contested at different levels of the social scale. This project provides a novel and nuanced perspective on problems and prospects in the wider green economy and the research question is: what are the challenges facing vegetarianism in the US, and how can these be addressed?
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/202131/08/2022