An Ethnography of Language Encounters: Language and Interaction in the Globalized Corporation

  • Haberland, Hartmut (Projektleder)
  • Barfod, Sonja (Projektdeltager)
  • Hazel, Spencer (Projektdeltager)
  • Kraft, Kamilla (Projektdeltager)
  • Lønsmann, Dorte (Projektdeltager)

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    The LINGCORP research project analyzes the challenges many corporations experience today as a consequence of the linguistic and cultural diversity present in their staff structures. Research has shown that this kind of diversity poses several challenges to the individual employee as well as to companies on an overall level, and that these challenges may encumber social integration between co-workers. The aim of LINGCORP is to identify these challenges, while working from the notion that linguistic diversity is a resource. The researchers will determine language ideologies (i.e. attitudes to languages, multilingualism and integration) and linguistic practices in order to find out what happens when people with different linguistic backgrounds meet and interact in a work-situation. The project provides a unique insight into the potentials and barriers facilitated by linguistic and cultural diversity in Danish international corporations.
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/201231/03/2016


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    Introduction to Special Issue on Transience: Emerging Norms of Language Use

    Lønsmann, D., Haberland, H. & Hazel, S., 18 dec. 2017, I : Journal of Linguistic Anthropology. 27, 3, s. 264–270 7 s.

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    Lingua franca i international virksomhedskommunikation

    Haberland, H., aug. 2016, Kommunikation i internationale virksomheder. Nielsen, M. F., Due, B. L., Toft, T. L. W., Gravengaard, G. & Nielsen, A. M. R. (red.). Frederiksberg: Samfundslitteratur, s. 231-235 5 s.

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    Academics respond: Brexit would weaken UK university research and funding

    Hazel, S., 11 nov. 2015, I : The Guardian.

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    The position of Danish, English and other languages at Danish universities in the context of Danish society

    Haberland, H. & Preisler, B., 2015, Language Policy in Higher Education: The case of medium-sized languages. Vila, F. X. & Bretxa, V. (red.). Bristol: Multilingual Matters, s. 15-42 27 s. (Multilingual Matters Series, Bind 158).

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    Negotiated exclusion – on the constitution of ‘otherness’ in a multilingual workplace setting

    Spencer Hazel (Foredragsholder)

    1 feb. 2013

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    Language and Super-diversity

    Spencer Hazel (Arrangør)

    6 jun. 2013

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    Choosing a language in international office service encounters – from multilingual miscellany to medium-of-interaction in a matter of seconds

    Spencer Hazel (Foredragsholder)

    18 jun. 2013

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    Interaction analytic perspectives on research interviews

    Spencer Hazel (Oplægsholder)

    18 feb. 2013

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