Agriculture as energy provider

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The project aims to contribute to the development of a sustainable and resource efficient agriculture, which can both produce biomass for energy while food production is maintained and consumption of fossil energy reduced. The project will contribute to the development of a net energy producing agriculture.
The project is expected to deliver potentials for biomass production in typical East Danish rotations in combination with biogas potentials and fertilizer value of the anaerobic digested slurry. These results will be the basis for calculating the business operation aspects of involving the agricultural sector to a larger degree within the energy sector.
It is expected that the development of one or more models for sustainable and resource efficient agriculture in the Region Zealand, will be used on a large scale with dual commercial policy objectives, namely providing energy to the region's energy producers and non-fossil nutrients for agriculture. The project supports the objectives of the Regional Development Strategy and Regional Climate Change Strategy and the theme of Growth Forum Zealand's effort in 2011 titled: 'Regions Zealand - The green lab'.
Effektiv start/slut dato02/01/201231/12/2012


  • Roskilde Universitet (leder)
  • Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Projektpartner)
  • Grønt Center (Projektpartner)
  • Aarhus Universitet (Projektpartner)


  • vedvarende energi