Øresund EcoMobility

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Øresund EcoMobility Knowledge & Innovation Centre aims to promote sustainable and climate friendly transport solutions.

Throughout the Øresund region, there is profound knowledge and many compentencies on the subject ”climate friendly transportation”. Øresund EcoMobility Knowledge & Innovation Centre strives to gather these competencies in a unified network of universities, industries and regional authorities. This unique network of regional competencies, will consist of over 40 experts within areas such as: cleantech, environmental science, infrastructure, city and transport planning, logistics and supply chain management.
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A Green Corridor within the Øresund Region

Lohse, S. & Jespersen, P. H., 2012, Rethinking Transport in the Øresund Region: Policies, Strategies and Behaviours. Carlsson, C-M., Emtairah, T., Gammelgaard, B., Vestergaard, A., Thidell, J. & Thidell, Å. (red.). Lunds Universitet, s. 51-62 264 s.

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