VUCs Uddannelsespris

Pris: Priser, stipendier, udnævnelser


The management association and the board of directors of the Danish Adult Education Centre (VUC) each year award an education fee in connection with the annual meeting. The prize, which amounts to DKK 25,000, is awarded according to a theme, which in 2014 was the VUC as a bridge for labor and employment. The award this year went to KVUC's "profession Danish" workshop, which was started by Susanne Jensen, Fie Stauner Larsen, Bitten Sandahl Skov and Karen Thygesen. I served as a working group coordinator for the teachers involved in the development of FVU courses in "profession Danish" for the Social and Health education at Copenhagen's VUC and VUC Northern Zealand under the UFFA-project (fra Ufaglært til Faglært på Rekordtid).
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