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Personlig profil


My research interests are broadly centered on elucidating how physical, chemical, and biological processes affect the transformation and mobility of organic and inorganic compounds in the terrestrial and aquatic environment. I have worked on characterizing components in natural samples to resolve questions around their fate from the litho- and pedosphere into the hydro- and biosphere. Much of my previous research focused on biogeochemistry and the role and chemical nature of iron (Fe) and organic matter (OM) in water, sediments and soils. Fe and OM are key components for the mobility, bioavailability, and biogeochemical cycling of many elements and compounds in aquatic systems. An important part for my research is to combine cutting-edge and classical bulk analytical techniques. Moreover, to combine data from field- and experimental work with monitoring data is something I apply within my research. 

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Environmental Sciences, PhD, Fate of riverine iron over estuarine salinity gradients, Lund University

Dimissionsdato: 19 jan. 2019


  • Geografi, Geologi, Topografi


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