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Rikke Lybæk

M.Sc. & ph.d.

  • Universitetsvej 1, 02

    DK-4000 Roskilde


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Personlig profil


My research interests is planning and implementation of renewable energy in Denmark as well as in developing countries, primarily in south east asia. Especially biomass waste (agricultural & industrial) for generation of carbon neutral energy has my interests, but I also find conversion of biofuels (1. & 2. generation) and biogas (from animal manure) interesting. Researh focusing on how industrial activities in developing countries can transfor the countries' energy supply, towards more sustainable patterns of resource consumption, constitute my present work. This work also include a critical approach to the clean development mechanism (CDM) by which developed countries purchase carbon credits in developing countries.

I am presently funded by DANIDA and work as assistant professor on a project, in which the CDM is sought enhanced, for improved environmental benefits of such projects in developing countries.

I also act as supervisor for project groups; study group supervisor, etc.


NAME: Rikke Lybæk, Associate Prof., PhD & Post Doc.

SPECIALISATION: Renewable Energy Planning, Natural Resource Management, GHG mitigating technologies.
ADDRESS/CONTACT: Roskilde University, House 9.2, P.O. Box 260 Roskilde.
Telephone: (45) 52402686 (MB) & (45) 46742857 (RUC), E-mail:


Ms. Lybæk's main qualifications are energy planning with focus on renewable energy implementation. Her professional skills are to conduct environmental, economic and socio-technical analysis and surveys within the field of renewable energy. This, in order to develop strategies and actions plans of how to pursue transition in the present energy supply systems in Denmark and within developing countries, with the target of achieve GHG mitigation’s and to develop more decentralized energy systems based on renewable energy.

She has planning experience in relation to windmills and small scale biogas plants in a Danish context, and from her PhD thesis with co-generation technologies, industrial and agricultural processes - as well as district heating networks - from research conducted in South East Asia, hereunder Thailand. She also has extensive knowledge about the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms; ‘Joint Implementation' (JI) and ‘Clean Development Mechanism' (CDM) from her Post-Doctoral research in Thailand, with the purpose of enhancing the sustainability contribution from CDM projects.

Ms. Lybæk furthermore holds good writing and communication skills, and has been the author of several publications primarily in English. As an educated researcher, she has experience as a speaker at conferences, seminars and workshops, etc. She is also an experienced interviewer, and has conducted close to 200 interviews in Denmark and especially within countries in South East Asia, during her PhD and Post-Doctoral research. She is also a very experienced teacher and has organized and carried out training courses for senior university students on climate change issues in Denmark and in South East Asia. Ms. Lybæk has also provided professional supervision to numerous Danish and foreign students at university level, both on the basic studies level as well as on master level.   

As a result of her professional experience she has developed an extensive network to important stakeholders - including various contacts in the central administration, provinces and municipalities, to NGO's, university researchers, private consultants, manufactures of energy technologies and business leaders etc. - both in Denmark and abroad.


  • Post doctoral degree in Energy Planning, University of Roskilde, Denmark (2009)

  • Ph.D. in Energy Planning, University of Roskilde, Denmark (2004).

  • Master of Technological and Socio-Economic Planning (Cand. Techn. Soc.), University of Roskilde, Denmark (1999). Specialized in Energy Planning.


Denmark & Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, India, China).



Danish    Native         Native       Native
English   Excellent     Excellent  Excellent
French    Good           Fair           Fair
German  Basic           Basic         Basic


0. Associate Professor, Ph.D., Post Doc., University of Roskilde (ENSPAC), Denmark                        

  • Present research project: EU funded research project ‘Bioenergi Sjælland’ (Bioenergy Zealand) in which options for implementing small scale biogas plants in Zealand are researched.

  • Upcoming research project: Danish Ministry of Energy funded research project ‘STEPS’, which will research which institutional frameworks/governance should be established locally to support the implementation of small scale decentralized renewable energy systems. 

  • Previous research project: To develop a symbiosis manual (materials & energy exchanges and re-use) targeted Chinese stakeholders, which will be adopted as a planning tool in China.

  • Tasks connected to the position besides research: Project group supervision, course teaching, new course development, study board membership, and other administrative tasks, etc.

I. Post Doc Research as Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Roskilde (ENSPAC), Denmark

Title: “How to enhance the Sustainable development contribution of future CDM Projects in Asia - Experiences from Thailand” (2009).

DANIDA funded project on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the possibilities for enhancing such projects, with the purpose of implementing more sustainable CDM projects within developing countries in the future. Thailand was used as a case study country for the research. It was investigated which type of CDM projects that are most beneficial for developing countries, as to increase the local and national value chain of such projects. Using local biomass resources for e.g. biogas or CHP production was researched, and how local technology supplier could increase their role in providing energy technologies for the transition to renewables in Thailand

Tasks connected to the position besides research:
Project group supervision, course teaching, study group supervision, as well as administrative tasks.

Link to Post-doctoral report:

II. Project Employee, Environmental Protection Agency in Copenhagen, Denmark        

Lead person in elaborating carbon emission analysis for the city of Copenhagen:
Evaluation of CO2 reductions achieved so far, and Strategies for further CO2 reduction potentials for industry, energy producers and households in the city of Copenhagen.

Team member in setting up an exhibition ‘NSEW' (North South East West) in Copenhagen (October 2005), and organizing supplementary climate activities in the city. For instance three expert conferences on ‘Climate', ‘Traffic' and ‘Energy saving initiatives in households', as well as an Energy Workshop placed at ‘Rådhuspladsen’ (Square at the mayor’s house). Co-author of climate-texts used on the parallel exhibition placed at ‘Gl. Torv’ (Old Square), initiated by the Municipality of Copenhagen.

III. Consultant & Fundraiser, Energy Consulting Network (ECN), Vanløse, Denmark

Ms. Rikke Lybæk took part in the following projects at the ECN company:
1) Team member in elaborating an FP6 EU application - on the Clean Development Mechanism & Joint Implementation - handed in ultimo 2004;
2) Consultant on a project to the Ministry of Energy in Thailand on energy efficiency and co-generation perspectives in Thai businesses (the ‘PRET-project').

IV. Ph.D. Researcher, University of Roskilde, Denmark

Title: "Guideline for implementing Co-generation based on Biomass Waste from Thai Industries - through Implementation and Organization of Industrial Materials Networks" (2004).

The Ph.D. thesis developed new strategies for the use of waste heat by substituting process heat - produced by electricity or by boilers using fossil fuels in individual industries - with process heat produced on a co-generation plant, using the industries' own biomass waste as fuel. On the basis of a case study conducted in the industrial area, Navanakorn Industrial Promotion Zone in Thailand, such initiatives for efficient materials and energy uses between industries have been established and proved successful. Local industries - as well as local and national governmental agencies, NGOs and branch organizations, etc. - have shown interest in supporting the implementation of such a scheme.

As part of the thesis, a Guideline for large scale implementation of Industrial Materials Network (inter-industrial co-operation between Thai businesses) has been developed. The guideline provides a step-by-step approach dealing with all relevant issues including: availability of resources, energy demand, choice of appropriate technology and financial aspects etc. The main focus of the guideline is to involve Thai business leaders in the development of Industrial Materials Networks in order to facilitate its implementation.      

- Researcher & Trainee, Centre for Biomass Technology (dK-Teknik, Miljø & Energy), Gladsaxe, Denmark. A period of 4-month trainee as part of the Ph.D. research.

Link to download PhD thesis:


Selected publications   


New distribution options for biogas in Denmark - Experiences from case studies conducted on Zealand / Lybæk, Rikke; Kjær, Tyge; Gaarsmand, Regin. Proceedings to the 9th GMSARN International Conference on; Connectivity and Sustainability in GMS: Energy, Environment & Social Issues. The 11th -14th November 2014, Palace Hotel Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Vietnam, 2014. p. 1-8. Publication: Research - peer review › Contribution to conference proceeding.

Opinions on the Sustainable Development of Aquaculture / Guillaume, Drillet; Chan, Nicole; Drillet, Zuzana; Foulsham, Angela Jane; Ducheyne, Alain; Eikaas, Hans S.; Schmoker, Claire; Hansen, Benni Winding; Lybæk, Rikke. In Journal of Fisheries and Livestock Production, Vol. 2, Nr. 2, ISSN: 2332-2608 JFLP, 31.10.2014. Publication: Research - peer review › Journal article.

The future role of Municipalities in Supporting Biogas / Lybæk, Rikke; Kjær, Tyge. 2014. Poster session presented at Nordic Biogas Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland. Publication: Research - peer review › Poster.

Opportunity analysis of biogas distribution options on Zealand & The role of municipalities in promoting biogas/ Lybæk, Rikke; Kjær, Tyge; Gaarsmand, Regin. Bioenergy Zealand Document. Published at Roskilde Universitet, 2014. Publication: Research › Working paper.

Development, Operation, and Future Prospects for Implementing Biogas Plants: The Case of Denmark / Lybæk, Rikke. Use, Operation and Maintenance of Renewable Energy Systems: Experiences and Future Approaches. Ed. / M.A. Sanz-Bobi (ed.). Vol. 111 Green Energy and Technology. Published by Switzerland: Springer Publishing Company, 2014. p. 111-144.Publication: Education - peer review › Book chapter.

Designing an energy planning concept for enhancing the dissemination of renewable energy technologies in developing countries / Lybæk, Rikke; Andersen, Jan; Lund, Søren; Kjær, Tyge. IEEE Conference Publications. IEEE Explorer, 2014. p. 1-9. Publication:  Research - peer review › Contribution to conference proceeding.

Methods for Prevention of Environmental Impacts / Christensen, Thomas Budde; Lybæk, Rikke; Kjær, Tyge. Situated Design Methods. Ed. / Jesper Simonsen; Connie Svabo; Sara Malou Strandvad; Kristine Samson; Morten Hertzum; Ole Erik Hansen. MIT Press, 2014. p. 65-89. Publication: Research - peer review › Book chapter.


Enhancing the transition capability of Danish biomass technology by applying a futures study backcasting methodology on the biogas sector / Lybæk, Rikke; Christensen, Thomas Budde; Kjær, Tyge. In European Journal of Sustainable Development, Vol. 2, Nr. 4, 04.2013, p. 37-50. Publication: Research - peer review › Journal article.

Governing innovation for sustainable development in Danish biogas sector - a historical overview and analysis of innovation / Lybæk, Rikke; Christensen, Thomas Budde; Kjær, Tyge. In Journal of Sustainable Development, 2013. Vol. 21, Nr. 3, 2013, p. 171-182. Publication: Research - peer review › Journal article.

New stakeholder actions and cooperate-design concepts for enhancing a future development and dissemination of the biogas technology in Denmark / Lybæk, Rikke; Andersen, Jan; Christensen, Thomas Budde. Paper proceedings of the International Conference on Environment and Energy 2013. International Center for Research and Development Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2013. p. 109. Publication: Research › Contribution to conference proceeding.


Biogas technology optimization opportunities: Lessons learned from Denmark / Lybæk, Rikke. APPEEC Shanghai Proceedings. Vol. IEEE Catalog nr. CFP12PEE-CDR IEEE, 2012. Publication: Research - peer review › Contribution to conference proceeding.

Designing models and screening biomass residues for facilitating the implementation of local biomass energy technologies / Lybæk, Rikke; Kjær, Tyge; Christensen, Thomas Budde. ICSET Kathmandu, Nepal conference Proceedings. Vol. IEEE Catalog nr: CFP1279D-USB IEEE Xplore: IEEE, 2012. Publication: Research - peer review › Contribution to conference proceeding.

Economic and Environmental Assessment of Biogas / Christensen, Thomas Budde; Kjær, Tyge; Fredenslund, Anders Michael; Lybæk, Rikke. Proceedings of the 20th EU BC&E. Firenze: ETA-Florence Renewable Energies, 2012. p. 661-668.  Publication: Research - peer review › Contribution to conference proceeding.

The Development of Non-fossil Energy Systems in the Absence of Strong Climate Change Global Government. / Lybæk, Rikke; Hansen, Ole Erik; Andersen, Jan. Rethinking Climate Change Research: Clean-technology, Culture and Communication. Ed. / Pernille Almlund; Per Homan Jespersen; Søren Riis. London: Ashgate, 2012. p. 65-89 (Ashgate studies in environmental policy and practice). Publication: Research - peer review › Book chapter.


Small Scale Biomass CHP Projects - Improving the Framework Conditions for CDM in Thailand / Lybæk, Rikke; Hansen, Ole Erik; Andersen, Jan; Kjær, Tyge. In The Journal of Transdisciplinary Environmental Studies, Vol. 10, Nr. 1, 01.10.2011, p. 24-44. Publication: Research - peer review › Journal article.

Governing the future Danish biogas development / Lybæk, Rikke; Christensen, Thomas Budde. 2011. Paper presented at 17th International Sustainable development conference, Colombo University, New York, USA. Publication: Research › Paper presentation.



Ms. Lybæk is furthermore a reviewer on the following international scientific journals:

- ‘Progress in Industrial Ecology'
- ‘Energy for Sustainable Development'
- ‘Transdisciplinary Environmental studies’ (TES)



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