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Personlig profil


From January 2022 I'm having the pleasure of heading the International Development Research Group (IDRG) at ISE


My research focuses on the role of informality in governance and societal development; natural resource policy and laws; the implementation of the SDGs. Disciplinary wise, my research ranges from anthropological studies of local rural politics to political-economic and socio-political analysis of Africa in national and global perspectives.

From autumn 2022 I am active in 3 research projects 

1. RARE (Rights and Resilience in Kenya) is a Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs financed project where I co-lead a work package investigating the impact of new land laws and climate change policy amongst pastoralist groups. RARE started in 2018 and will run til August 2023

2. ‘GOLD’ (2021-2024) investigates illegal gold mining in Ghana and it's impact on political developments and state formation. I am the PI for the project, which is financed by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (FSE). 

3. SWASH (Sustainable Wastewater Systems for Ghana) investigates socio-political challenges and opportunities related to the implementation of wastewater infrastructure in the growing city of Tema. I am also PI for this project, which is financed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and runs from 2022-2025. 

For details of these projects please see my profile under 'projects'

Overall, my research seeks to understand the making and shaping of social, political, and economic power and institutions across local, national, and global levels and which are often influenced by but develop outside the immediate control of state institutions, and which contribute to processes of global heterogeneity and homogeneity. 

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

social science, PhD, Roskilde Universitet

Dimissionsdato: 23 maj 2012

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Recognised auditor, Humanitarian Quality Assurance Initiative

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External censor, Det Jordbrugsvidenskabelige Censorkorps


External censor, Roskilde University



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