Billede af Troels Sune Mønsted

Troels Sune Mønsted

Personlig profil


Research interests

  • Digital health, including design of digital health interventions, digitilization and innovation processen in healthcare.
  • Sustainable digitalization, including uses of digital technologies to achieve sustainable transformation.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), with a primary focus on the organizational challenges of developing effiicient AI systems.
  • Ethnography, action research and grounded theory to develop our understanding of healthcare practices. 
  • Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Information Systems (IS), Medical Informatics, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and Participatory Design (PD). 


Through my career I have engaged in developing our understanding of the potential benefits and challenges of utilizing digital technologies to support the delivery of healthcare services. My work primarily focuses on collaboration between health professionals as well as patient physician collaboration. Furthermore, I am engaged in design of behavior change and patient self-management technologies. This research is partly based on ethnographic studies of current health practices as well as engagement in design and development of novel digital services through Participatory Design and Action Research. 


2013: PhD in Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2008: MA in Information Studies, University of Aarhus, Denmark


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