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I am an interdisciplinary feminist scholar and PhD fellow in the Social Science Department. My current research works to understand trans and non-binary people's experiences of care in the Danish socio-political and socio-medical contexts. This project works to follow around trans care within Denmark e.g. it works to understand how cis-and hetero-norms about care circulate and affect legal and medical policy relating to trans-specific healthcare, and how these norms and policies affect trans and non-binary people as they navigate these systems. Rooted in queer and transfeminist theory, affect theory, and feminist new materialism, this project uses ethnography, interviews and other qualitative methods (fx. autoethnography, "document analysis" etc).

In working with issues related to the discipline of trans, non-binary and queer expression, I work to engage myself and my work within critical discussions and evaluations raised by trans and queer activists. As such, I consider my research as part of a larger activist network and discussions.



  • Sex/gender identity, LGBTQ+ identity, and body politics

  • Trans-specific healthcare in Denmark; Trans* care; hormone replacement therapy; gender affirming care
  • Affect and Assemblage theory; feminist care theory
  • Sex/gender identity, LGBTQ+ identity, and body politics
  • Critical land feminist analyses of hierarchies of power, power constructions in social structures
  • Qualitative methods--online and "offline" ethnography, autoethnography, interviews, collective memory work, Participatory Action Research


I teach courses and workshops related to gender studies at the Department of Social Science and Business at RUC.

I also supervise projects at both the BA and MA level in both Sociology and International Studies that take on feminist, queer & trans, decolonial, and new materialist thought.

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Internationale Studier, MA, Aarhus Universitet

sep. 2015jun. 2017

Dimissionsdato: 29 jun. 2017

Køn & Kvinders Studier; Internationale Studier, Double BA with honors, University of Wisconsin-Madison

sep. 2010maj 2015

Dimissionsdato: 17 maj 2015

Eksterne ansættelser

External Coordinator, Gendering in Research Network, Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University

aug. 2018 → …


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