Mikkel Morgen

PhD fellow, Master of Arts

  • Universitetsvej 1, 03.1-NW

    DK-4000 Roskilde


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Personlig profil


The central purpose of my PhD is to:

  • investigate what is being learned by adult individuals during long-term (involuntary) unemployment; how, when and why learning is taking place during unemployment; and how these learning processes can be analyzed as dependent on and dialectically intertwined with the socio-political organization and cultural embeddedness of work/paid labor as well as the embodied and life-historical learning of the subject, the auto-biographical sense-making and the unconscious and emotional dimensions of subjective experience of the long-term unemployed.

My main areas of knowledge and research/theoretical interest:

  • The philosophy/political economy/social theory of work
  • Worklessness/unemployment
  • Life history research
  • Adults' learning, experience and identity processes
  • The role work in Critical Theory
  • Psychodynamics of work
  • Psycho-societal theory/social psychoanalysis/materialistic socialization theory
  • The role of work in the pedagogy of Célestine Freinet

Experience prior to PhD:

I've had three years of practical experience doing social pedagogy and developing a 'pedagogy of work' - exploring the emancipatory and learning potentials of diverse forms of work together with long-term unemployed adults, while trying to counter the often times alienating and marginalizing features of the back-to-work system.

Ledelse og samarbejde

The research is done in collaboration with Center for Special Education, who carries a practical interest in developing their methodological approach to occupational rehabilitation in more emancipatory directions with a focus on enhancing the life conditions of the long-term unemployed while creating better possibilities for transformative learning processes, humanization of work and identity development.

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Learning, working life and unemployment, PhD, Roskilde Universitet

1 aug. 20181 aug. 2021

Dimissionsdato: 1 aug. 2021

Pedagogy, philosophy of education and social psychology, Master of Arts, Roskilde Universitet

1 aug. 20101 aug. 2016

Dimissionsdato: 1 aug. 2016

Facial Action Coding System (FACS), Certified FACS-coder

Eksterne ansættelser

Industrial PhD, Center for Special Education

1 aug. 2018 → …


  • Pædagogik, Læring, Uddannelse
  • Arbejde og identitet
  • Arbejde og læring
  • Arbejdsløshed
  • Arbejdspædagogik
  • Arbejdsliv
  • Fremmedgørelse
  • Anerkendelse
  • Frigørelse
  • Kritisk teori
  • Livshistorie
  • Situeret læring
  • Beskæftigelse
  • Beskæftigelsesindsats
  • Beskæftigelsespolitik
  • Unemployment
  • Worklessness
  • Work
  • Working life
  • Pedagogy of Work
  • Recognition
  • Social justice
  • Equality
  • Life history
  • Biography
  • Biographical research
  • Narrativity
  • Alienation
  • Situated learning
  • Experience
  • Subjectivity