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Personlig profil


I am broadly interested in performance, design and ontologies relating to the role of materiality and practice-based, embodied knowledge. I have written extensively about the performance turn in cultural/social theory, especially with regards to heritage and leisure/tourism studies, and am interested in exploring the relations between performance, design and space on all scales from flow spaces enacted by global mobilities of people, things and images to the enclosed spaces of the exhibition hall, urban space or the living room. I am local research leader in the national project "Our Museum" (2016-20, http://ourmuseum.dk//) where my reserch relate to the use of technology and design as means for enhancing participation in museum exhibitions. In 2013 I was part of establishing FabLab RUC (https://forskning.ruc.dk/da/persons/mhp) as an open facility for design and technology experiments and explorations. Since then parts of my research has been about - and with - people and practioners from the maker/fablab milieux. I am currently interested in futuring, speculative ontologies and utopian theory in relation to experimental and explorative approaches to research, design, teaching and activism. A recent spin off of this is the establishment of the exocollective studio (http://www.exocollective.com).


2018: Professor (wsr) in Performance Design, RU

2014: Ass. Professor in Performance Design, RU

2010-14: Director of Studies, Bachelor Programme in Humanities and Technologies, RU

2007: Visiting Research Fellow, CeMore, Lancaster University

2004-06: Member of Academic Council, RU

2000: Ass. Professor in Cultural Geography, RU


  • Oplevelse, Turisme, Performance
  • Kulturmøde, Multikulturalitet
  • Fysisk planlægning, Bystudier
  • Videnskabsteori, Videnskabshistorie, Videnskabssociologi, Forskningspolitik
  • Litteratur, Kunst, Musik, Æstetik
  • Teknologi


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