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Personlig profil


Laust Schouenborg is Associate Professor of International Politics and Director of the Centre for Statecraft and International Order. He has also held various visiting fellowships at Stanford University, La Trobe University, SOAS and the New School, and has previously worked at City, University of London where he is still affiliated with the Centre for Modern History. He completed his PhD in International Relations at LSE.

Laust’s research interests revolve around different historical dimensions of international relations, drawing mainly on the English School approach to IR. In recent years, he has focused in particular on security and disarmament issues, and is the current convener of the ISA Working Group on Security and International Society. In a major new research project, he aims to explore the role of armed forces in international society.

Laust has written three books, published by Routledge and Cambridge University Press. The latest together with Barry Buzan.



Global Politics (MA)

International Relations (BA)

Advanced Security Studies (MA)

Global, European and Scandinavian Ethics in World Politics (MA)

War, Peace and Security (BA)

Laust is particularly interested in supervising students in International Relations theory, anything to do with norms and institutions, as well the security dimensions of contemporary world politics.     


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