Billede af Laust Schouenborg

Laust Schouenborg

cand.mag. & ph.d.

  • Universitetsvej 1, 23.2

    DK-4000 Roskilde


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Personlig profil


My research interests fall within International Relations theory, particularly the English School approach, disarmament, security studies and world history.

Currently I am pursuing two research projects. One is concerned with the phenomenon of unilateral disarmament in international society. Drawing on the English School approach, I explore the political, moral and practical reasoning that have pushed some states to adopt unilateral disarmament as a policy, and moreover look at how this policy is defended in international fora. The second project is a joint monograph with Barry Buzan in which we attempt to build a new framework for understanding international society at the global level and this society’s social cohesion.

These projects are extensions of my previous English School-inspired work on regional international society (in Scandinavia) and international institutions in world history.


I hold a doctorate in International Relations from the London School of Economics and was a Carlsberg postdoctoral fellow at the New School, New York, and SOAS, London, before coming to Roskilde as an assistant professor in 2012. Previously, I have also been an Anna Lindh fellow at Stanford University and co-editor of Millennium: Journal of International Studies.



Global Politics (MA)

International Relations (BA)

Advanced Security Studies (MA)

Global, European and Scandinavian Ethics in World Politics (MA)

War, Peace and Security (BA)

I am particularly interested in supervising students in International Relations theory, anything to do with norms and institutions, as well the security dimensions of contemporary world politics.     


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