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Personlig profil


I am an urban ecologist and environmentalist, a thinker-activist and transdisciplinary scholar who is not so much interested in analyzing how the world is, but rather how to affect its becomings. My current research evolves around four interrelated interests: 


* Environmental Humanities and more-than-human and feminist geographies. I look into urban natures and post-industrial landscapes in and around the the city and how they are potentially sites for multispecies commoning. I work with the notion of the commons both as territory and as a community. I am intereseted in processes of commoning that open up for pathsways for reparative environmental futures. I work with embodied knowledge production to welcome sensory, collective forms of knowing. I draw on theories and practices from eco-feminism and environmental humanities to engage with the more-than human and eco-logical world-making practices.


* Research Creation, embodiment and situated knowledge.  For instance how research creation, art and embodied forms of knowing can lead to transdisciplinary discovery outside of established disciplines. Here I draw on arts-based methodologies, aesthetic theory and situated, embodied knowledges. Working collaboratively with performers, film-makers and sound-artists enrich my academic practice, and I have in my collaborations been a co-creator and curator of films, site-specific walks and performances, performance lectures and exhibitions.

* Citizen studies, participatory design and activism, in particular how activism unfolds as site-responsive negotiations. I am interested in how activism and unfold prefigurative politics relating to urban societal and environmental change. Currently I am intersted in how planetary movements can prefiguratively change the hegemnoies of urban development. Here I draw on citizen studies and notions of performativity in spatial and political theory, co-design and urban studies.

* Food culture and regenerative agriculture for environmental change I am interested in how changes in our food culture can nurture a regenerative change of spoils and potentially prefigure sustainable and just environmental futures. I am inspired by the regenerative agriculture and agroecology movement and draw on thinking and activism from Vandana Shiva and pluriversal knowledges from indegenous epistemologies and pluriversal ontologies.



I am currently an associate professor at Department for Communication and Arts, and have been employed at Roskilde University since 2011. I have been teaching in topics such as aesthetic theory, situated methods, participatory design and performative urbanism. I currently collaborate with people in Chile, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Sweden, US and Denmark.


A brief curriculum:

2018-2023 Co-researcher in the cross-continental project, Performative Urbanism - Situating Critical Performance Design Practices in the City headed by Director Shauna Janssen, Concordia University.


2015-2021 Co-researcher with the subproject Evental Urbanism in the national project Affect, Interface, Event headed by Professor, Bodil Marie Thomsen, and funded by FKK.


2018- 2020 Principal Investigator in Situated Knowledge and material practice in problem-oriented Learning. Funded by Centre for research and Problem-oriented project Learning at RUC.


2014-2016 Co-PI with Sanne Krogh Groth in Fluid Sounds - Fluid States a project developing arts-based formats such as the Audio Paper, and the site-responsive conference Fluid States-Fluid Sounds. A collaborative project funded and supported by, Designing Human Technologies, Roskilde University, and Danish Council for Independent Research, FKK, and PSI (Performance Studies International).

2012-2015 Co-researcher in Designing Human Technologies, a transdisciplinary project across several departments at Roskilde University, headed by Prof. Jesper Simonsen.

2007-2010 Ph.D. project Performative Aesthetics in Urban Space - a transdisciplinary project situated between JuulFrost Architects (JFA) and the urban studies and planning department at Roskilde University. 


Research stays abroad:

2019: Visiting researcher at Pulse Lab, Concordia Univcersity.

2013 Visiting Researcher at Universidad Catolico, Santiago de Chile.

2009: Visiting scholar at Columbia University at the Department for Architecture and Planning. 


Besides my jobs in academia I have been working as a tour guide, a freelancer, a ready-made performer, a consultant, a bartender, a copy-editor, an editorial assistant, an industrial cleaner, a tourist hostess.

I live in Nørrebro, Copenhagen with my two kids. I am easily inspired, and research is all I can do.

Ekspertise relateret til FN’s Verdensmål

I 2015 blev FN-landene enige om 17 Verdensmål til at standse fattigdom, beskytte planeten og sikre velstand for alle. Denne persons arbejde bidrager til følgende verdensmål:

  • Verdensmål 11 - Bæredygtige byer og lokalsamfund
  • Verdensmål 13 - Klimaindsats
  • Verdensmål 16 - Fred, retfærdighed og stærke institutioner


  • Fysisk planlægning, Bystudier
  • Byens rum
  • Byens æstetik
  • rumanalyse
  • tilblivelse
  • Assemblage
  • affekt
  • planlægning
  • kulturarv
  • kulturel byudvikling
  • Proces
  • Midlertidige rum
  • urban studies
  • Situationisme
  • bysociologi
  • København
  • Carlsbergbyen
  • New York
  • Gentrificering
  • The High Line
  • urban gardening
  • DIY
  • kunstaktivisme
  • Festivaler i byen
  • Stedsudvikling
  • stedets og rummets æstetik
  • Distortion
  • Sao Paulo
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • urbanitet
  • Urban and planning theory
  • the informal city
  • redesign
  • arkitektur
  • det offentlige rum
  • Kulturmøde, Multikulturalitet
  • Videnskabsteori, Videnskabshistorie, Videnskabssociologi, Forskningspolitik
  • Situeret viden
  • performative metoder
  • vitalisme
  • Aktør-Netværks-Teorier
  • Kunstens videnskabsteori
  • Visuelle metoder
  • affektteori
  • vidensociologi
  • procesfilosofi
  • æstetiske læringsprocesser
  • tværdisciplinaritet
  • designteorier
  • Performande studies
  • Performanceteori
  • Bysociologi
  • Critical theory
  • Litteratur, Kunst, Musik, Æstetik
  • avantgardens æstetik
  • performance studies
  • atmosfære
  • relationel æstetik
  • foto
  • installationskunst
  • participatorisk kunst
  • interaktion
  • performativitet
  • urbanitet
  • sansning
  • æstetisk teori
  • Midlertidige rum
  • Performance design
  • kunst- og eksperimentalfilm
  • dokumentarfilm og hybridgenre
  • visuel kultur
  • street art
  • litteraturteori og modernitet
  • performance art
  • Situationisme
  • Fluxus
  • filmteori
  • kunst i det offentlige rum
  • samtidskunst
  • arkitektur
  • rummets æstetik
  • DIY
  • Kommunikation, Journalistik, Medier
  • Visuel kommunikation
  • Visuelle metoder
  • Rumlig kommunikation
  • Instagram
  • Fotografi
  • Location based blogging
  • Billedmedier
  • Visuel etnografi
  • bybranding
  • strategisk kommunikation i byplanlægning


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