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Personlig profil


John Damm Scheuer, Master of Science in International Business, PhD, Associate Professor in The Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde  University, Denmark. His main research interests include translation as a perspective on organizational change.  Socio-technical (IT-) system design through effects-driven participatory design and learning. Other theories and perspectives related to organizational change including: organizational change theories, implementation science, policy-og strategy-implementation research, the design perspective on change of organizations,innovation perspectives on public organizations and public-private innovation networks and ventriloquism as a perspective on the communicative constitution of organizations (the CCO perspective). He has conducted empirical studies, edited and contributed to several books and written research articles in areas such as translation of clinical pathways in health care organizations, translation in Scandinavian Institutionalism, stakeholder management and CSR, design, effects-driven IT-development, and innovation in public organizations and public-private innovation networks. His latest research project is focusing on improvement of translation of rules aimed at assuring a secure work environment on building sites (financed by the Danish Working Environment Research Fund)


  • Ledelse, Organisation, Erhvervsøkonomi, Virksomhedsøkonomi
  • Health care
  • Organizational change in health care organizations -including policy-/strategy implementation, quality development and participatory IT-development processes
  • Organizational change (in general)
  • innovation in organizations and public-private innovation networks
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Innovation in public organizations
  • Organizational change as translation
  • The design perspective on organizational innovation and change
  • Resistance to change


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