Billede af Jens Høyrup
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    DK-4000 Roskilde


Personlig profil


History of science, especially the history of mathematics in pre- and Early Modern cultures (emphasizing Babylonia and the pre-Modern practitioners’ traditions in their interaction with Babylonian, ancient Greek, and medieval Islamic, Latin and Romance vernacular cultures; in recent years the Italian abbacus tradition and it Arabic background); secondary interest in social and societal aspects of modern science. Also publications in linguistics and in the Philosophy of science.

Ledelse og samarbejde

Honorary Research Fellow, Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Non-resident visiting scholar, Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Berlin.

Informal collaboration with Laboratoire SPHERE, Université Paris-Diderot.

Informal collaboration with School of History and Culture, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


  • Videnskabsteori, Videnskabshistorie, Videnskabssociologi, Forskningspolitik
  • Matematikhistorie
  • Videnskabernes historiografi


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