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Jannie Møller Hartley is Professor and Ph.d. in Communication and Journalism. She is currently co-leading the Centre for big data at Roskilde University and the PI of the reasearch project DataPublics.

In her research she is situated in between the fields of Journalism Research, Audience Studies and Data Science. She is concerned with governance by algorithms, critical data studies, datafied everyday lives and the role of journalism in the age of datafication with a particular focus on democratic publics. She is researching the effect of reccomender systems, diversity in news distribution and algortihms in newsrooms. But she is combining this with research into citizen's everyday lives with algorihmic and datafied media.

She is a trained journalist and is the author of the book 'News Online (In Danish: Nyheder på Internettet' 2012) and is currently writing the book 'Designing the News: Transformation of journalism and its publics in datafied societies'.

She is a media sociologist and is methodologically using a wide range of both quantitative and qualitative methods, digital and non-digital. Furthermore she is involved in research project on #metoo media coverage with Malmø University, Media, covid and climate change (with University of Bergen) and a number of projects on press etchics and regulation with European collegues and researchers form the research group 'Media and Democracy' at RUC.

As a journalist she is involved in the Centre for investigate Journalism and has just published a book on the methods of iinvestigate jouralism. Her particular interest is in the methods of Open Source Research (OSINT).

She has published and is also served as reviewer in journals such as 'New Media and Society', Journalism Practice', 'Journalism Studies', 'Journalism', Media Culture, 'Journalistica' and 'Big data and Society'.


  • Videnskabsteori, Videnskabshistorie, Videnskabssociologi, Forskningspolitik
  • Kommunikation, Journalistik, Medier
  • netjournalistik nye medier sociale medier mediesociologi


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