Billede af Iben Holck

Iben Holck


  • Universitetsvej 1, 43.3

    DK-4000 Roskilde


Personlig profil


In my research, I explore politics of spaces and bodies through ethnography and critical theory in architecture and urban planning.
My PhD project inquire into relations of the Danish so-called "ghetto legislation" and archictecture and urban space design.
Based on document research and ethnographic fieldwork with practicioners such as architects, urban planning consultants, housing organization and municipal employees I examine how biopolitics of the legislation emerge in the imaginations and creation of architecture and urban space design for the desired social life of the areas.
I am particularly interested in how the explicit racialization and class differentiation in the legislation is translated into planning and design processes, especially in regards to normalization of commodification of public housing, forced evictions, demolitions, and the “social mix” agenda.
I also work with conceptualizations of securitzation, aesthetic relations and design as forms of predictive policing in an era of welfare state transformations and increased neoliberal urban governance. Locating my research in this intersection, I find it necessary to pay attention to aspects of capitalist accummulation as well as differentiation and mechanims of in- and exclusion related to structures such as racialization and class in Danish state building.
I borrow concepts from migration studies when asking how illegality of bodies and spaces surfaces in architecture and urban space design responding to regulations of the legislation, how citizens become disposable and how landscapes of imaginative normative orders are produced and sustained.

As methodology, I  combine archive research, field observations, ethnographic interviews and design methods to examine interrelations of discourses, cultural representations, aesthetic relations, materiality and moral economies.