Intet billede af Gustav Egede Hansen

Gustav Egede Hansen

  • Universitetsvej 1, 23.1

    DK-4000 Roskilde


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Personlig profil


My ph.d.-dissertation investigates the ‘employee-effects’ of contracting in (being transferred from a private to a public employer) and contracting out (being transferred from a public to a private employer). The literature has suggested that employees are negatively affected by contracting out and positively by contracting in. However, with my dissertation, I will contribute with new insights by looking at the variation in effects, suggesting that specific individual-specific resources and work-related demands condition the effects on employees.

I am applying different quantitative methods to investigate the effects on employees.


I am teaching quantitative methods courses, focusing on descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, and statistical modeling with regression.


I am working with Danish labour unions


  • Offentlig administration, styring og forvaltning
  • Medarbejdereffekter