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Personlig profil


Hello stranger, I'm Fabian, nice to meet you,

I'm a sociologist and media scholar with area specializations in cultural and political life, cities, and climate change. My current research focuses on challenges to community and collective action. The main thematic areas are

* media, family life, and cultural traditions

* digital individualism and social isolation

* social movements and electoral politics

* climate change, democracy, and communication

I did my PhD (2001) in a music department and worked on the sociology of music festivals throughout the 2010s, culminating with a Habilitation in 2019. My interests and responsibilities have evolved toward more general societal issues, but I still do some things related to music, culture, and leisure.

I have taught at Roskilde since 2006 and held temporary positions at the University of Chicago and Humboldt University of Berlin.

Key publications:

"The Geo-Ecological Turn in Sociology and its Implications for the Sociology of the Arts" (Cultural Sociology 2022)

Everyone Loves Live Music: A Theory of Performance Institutions (Chicago 2020)

Genre in Popular Music (Chicago 2007)

I'm the founding editor of the book series 33 1/3 Europe, published by Bloomsbury


* European Communication Research and Education Association

* International Association for the Study of Popular Music

Eksterne ansættelser

Visiting scholar, Department of Sociology and Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University

1 feb. 202230 jun. 2022

Visting Professor (W3), Humboldt Universität

1 apr. 201731 mar. 2018

Visiting Scholar, Columbia University

1 apr. 201031 mar. 2011

Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Chicago

1 sep. 200331 aug. 2004