Billede af Francesco Campo
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Personlig profil


I am PhD candidate involved in the study of opposition to populist parties. My research analyzes initiatives targeting populist parties in Italy and Spain, namely Lega, Movimento Cinque Stelle, Unidas Podemos and Vox. I focus particularly on mobilization by civil society actors such as social movements, trade unions, private citizens associations.

Ledelse og samarbejde

I am part of the project "Populism and Democratic Defence in Europe" founded by Carlsberg fundation.

The project aims at investigating how liberal democracies can respond to populist pressures in an effective and legitimate manner. It evaluates the effectiveness of legal, cultural and political responses to populist parties in seven European countries – Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Poland. 

The research group involves a 12-person consortium in 5 different universities - Wroclaw, Warsaw, Lund, Roskilde and Aarhus.


I have been giving lectures in the following courses:

Global governance and International institutions (BA): The UN system; Environmental global governance; current challenges to global governance 

Seminar in global studies - globalization and populism (MA): Populists in Italy and Spain

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Interkulturelle Studier, MA, Aarhus Universitet

International studies, Development and Cooperation, BA, University of Torino

Eksterne ansættelser

Visiting student, Scuola Normale Superiore

1 apr. 202230 jun. 2022