Personlig profil



My broad teaching and research area is the interface between culture and politics in East and Southern Africa. I research the localization of media and global popular culture in East and Southern Africa, consumption and representation and the role they play for identities and social and livelihood practices for social groupings, particularly young women and men. I am interested in the political and cultural articulations of disadvantaged groups, how they often happen through mobilization in ‘uncivil’ social movements – they may be ethnic or religious - and may, in spite of their unregulated character,  contribute to processes of democratic transformation. In this connection I study diasporic groups who are often extremely dynamic but also exposed to abuse and persecution. I highlight the work of local intellectuals, writers and artists and their contributions to the political and social atmosphere in specific places and periods. I have a side interest in popular culture in India and am committed to the study of development from below. Finally I research the history of sexuality in Africa.

Recent Publications:

 ‘Mungiki, Vernacular Organization and Political Society in Kenya’, ‘Development and Change’ 41(6), 2010

‘Print, Newspapers and Audiences in Colonial Kenya: African and Indian Improvement, Protest and Connections’ , ‘Africa’ 81(1), 2011

Writing for Kenya: The Life and Works of Henry Muoria, Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2009 W. Muoria-Sal, J. Lonsdale, D. Peterson


  • Industriel udvikling, Udviklingsstudier, Udviklingslande
  • Politisk kultur i Kenya
  • Kommunikation, Journalistik, Medier
  • Medier og populærkultur i Afrika
  • Køn, Etnicitet, Ligestilling
  • Køn og seksualitet i Afrika
  • Litteratur, Kunst, Musik, Æstetik
  • Afrikansk litteratur