Programmering, logik og intelligente systemer



Our research combines basic research in Computer Science with innovative applications in a technology driven way. The construction of reliable, intelligent, and resource-efficient systems requires basic research in the mathematical and logic foundations of knowledge representation, algorithms, programming tools and languages. At the same time, this insight combined with a range of external collaborations provides an ideal starting point for creating novel technologies that fit the needs of the modern society – and inspires and helps defining goals for our basic research.

 Our research activities combine the following main directions:

  • Computer Science basic research:

     Programming and program analysis, artificial intelligence, logic & reasoning, big data, language analysis.

  • Innovative applications in a variety of areas:

     Interaction design for data visualization, artistic and informative installations, virtual and augmented reality, robots and drones.

     Analysis and application of big data: social networks, news streams, health data, bioinformatics, ...

     Applications of logic in psychology and cognition.

     Program analysis, e.g., for energy consumption and correctness properties.


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  • Best Vision Paper Award

    Jianqiu Xu (Modtager), Lu, Hua (Modtager) & Ralf Hartmut Güting (Modtager), 20 aug. 2019

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