• We explore media as technological and social systems where all actors and institutions interact with each other and with the social systems and processes of the surrounding society.

  • We produce research that registers and interprets continuities and changes in the areas of politics, economy, culture and everyday life, in order to enhance the level of reflexivity of the community in question and to empower its members to influence its future.

  • We investigate organisational and institutional aspects of communication in the understanding that the design and structure of a given organisation and/or society is determining for the resulting communicative efforts.

  • We investigate writing, written texts and literacy activities as they are practised using language, genres and texts in specific contexts. Thus, the study of language as a social practice focuses in particular on the roles of language in communicating, producing and understanding specific knowledge.

  • We adopt a holistic approach to the study of media and communication, i.e. we are fundamentally interested in exploring the entire circuit of media and communication, from inception to reception and in a complex societal context; and including media production and organisations, media discourses, and media users.

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Projekter 2007 2016

Publikation 2004 2019

Denmark: Voluntary Accountability Driven by Political Pressure

Blach-Ørsten, M., Hartley, J. M. & Flensburg, S. 1 jan. 2018 The European Handbook of Media Accountability. Eberwein, T., Fengler, S. & Karmasin, M. (red.). New York: Routledge, s. 54-62 16 s. (Routledge International Handbooks).

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Doris Graber Award

Rasmus Kleis (Modtager), 22 maj 2014

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Highly Commended Award

Roy Langer (Modtager), 2 apr. 2007

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Rasmus Kleis (Modtager), 27 maj 2014

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Aktiviteter 1992 2017

Participations.Journal of audience and reception studies (Tidsskrift)

Hanna Adoni (Redaktør), Zrinjka Peruško (Redaktør), Hillel Nossek (Redaktør), Schrøder, K. C. (Redaktør)
nov. 2017

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Ekstern ekspert ved Uddannelsesevaluering

Schrøder, K. C. (Konsulent)
2 nov. 2017

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ECREA Journalism Studies Section Conference

Chris Peters (Taler), Schrøder, K. C. (Taler)
23 mar. 201724 mar. 2017

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