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“We are like water in their hands.” Experiences of imprisonment in Myanmar

Michelle Pace (Eksaminator)
28 okt. 2019

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"Dream of a Republic". Lebanese Political Parties as "Real Parties"

Michelle Pace (Eksaminator), Francesco Cavatorta (Eksaminator), Manfred Sing (Eksaminator)
25 sep. 2018

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Mutual Recognition between Regional International Societies: The case of EU-ASEAN political contestation of Myanmar and EU-SADC political contestation of Zimbabwe

Michelle Pace (Eksaminator), Thomas Diez (Eksaminator), Knud Erik Jørgensen (Eksaminator)
4 apr. 2016

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Turning ‘Swords Into Silicon Chips’. The Israeli Homeland Security Industry and the Making of Jewish Nationhood

Michelle Pace (Eksaminator), Adam Hanieh (Eksaminator), Derek Gregory (Eksaminator)
7 dec. 2015

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Censorformand ved de sundhedsfaglige kandidatuddannelser i Danmark

Bent Greve (Eksaminator)
1 nov. 2006 → …

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