Vlaardingen zonder Visserijmuseum...??? ONDENKBAR!!!

  • Bo Poulsen



Citation in Dutch news letter, 'De Spil' for statement on the importance of preserving the national Dutch fisheries museum in Vlaardingen, Holland: 'For many years, the Visserijmuseum in Vlaardingen has provided The Netherlands’ foremost platform for studying the incredibly rich history of Dutch fisheries. The Dutch fisheries are not only important for Vlaardingen and The Netherlands, but have influenced global fisheries for the last millennium. Hereby, the museum is vital for preserving the cultural heritage of Vlaardingen, the wider Maas region and The Netherlands as well as the global community of fishermen, scientists, managers, the everyday consumer of fish, and everyone living off the fruits of the marine world. Now this is not only threatened. Much stands to be lost forever. Museums such as Visserijmuseum Vlaardingen are guardians, creators and caretakers of local identities. The effect of the planned budgetary cuts will be that the inhabitants of Vlaardingen can no longer learn about whom they are and where they have come from. Such a decision to effectively close the museum is quickly implemented and might meet a short term fiscal need. But once knowledge, built up steadily and meticulously over more than half a century, is thrown out like this, it might be lost forever. And who then, will be able to present the people of the proud City of Vlaardingen and elsewhere with the true stories about themselves and their past? With a sincere hope, that this decision will be reconsidered'.
Periode26 maj 2011




  • TitelVlaardingen zonder Visserijmuseum...??? ONDENKBAR!!!
    Mediets navn/udløbNieuwsbrief de Spil, vol. 31, p. 7.
    Varighed/længde/størrelseVlaardingen, Nederlandene
    Producer/forfatterFranny Teurniet
    PersonerBo Poulsen