While the world is waiting to hear how the International Court of Justice in the Hague is going to rule in the matter between South Africa and Israel over the war in Gaza, this morning we revisit the subject of what constitutes genocide according to ICJ. Our guests had done some research looking at how the ICJ interpreted past genocide cases and what it may mean for future cases. Six western countries are said to have filed a joint application before the court putting up their arguments for an ample and expansive understanding of constitutes genocide. Let’s take a listen to a snippet from the South Africa vs Israel matter at the ICJ on the issue of genocide…

But then, what exactly makes the definition of genocide so difficult especially at international level and where exactly did the technicality start? To help us navigate this issue, we are joined by….


Radio interview regarding co-authored article by Kerstin Bree Carlson and Line Engbo Gissel re definition of genocide and South Africa's case against Israel. 

Periode22 jan. 2024