Translanguaging as a neglected and necessary component of understanding urban sustainability



This research project, led by Annika Airas, a postdoctoral researcher at SFU Urban Studies, and Meg Holden, examines the ways in which what gets lost in translation to English surrounding questions of urban sustainability can be crucial to progress toward sustainability goals. In this podcast, Annika and Meg engage in conversation with other research team members, including Danish researcher Majken Toftager Larsen, who presents her synthesis of the meaning of the interntionally-popular term 'hygge' and its relationship to urban livability and sustainability within a Danish context. Finnish researcher Salla Jokela introduces a Finnish word, 'Säästäväisyys', that similarly has no direct English translation, and that carries meaning that takes more work to translate across cultural contexts as well. These terms, in their native Nordic languages, may have more to teach about urban sustainabiiity than 'international best practices' can convey.

Indlæg og debat i podcast episode i SFU Temporarily Urbane


Translanguaging and Nordic understandings on social sustainability centered around Danish 'hygge' and Finnish 'säästäväisyys'

Periode1 maj 2020