“Nuevo Polanco” La ciudad personal de Carlos Slim // "Nuevo Polanco" The personal city of Carlos Slim



Although the permits to build what has been called "New Polanco" began to be granted almost a decade ago, it is not until now when the neighbors of the Granada, Granada, Irrigation, Anáhuac and Anzurian colonies begin to resent the effects of this personal city of tycoon Carlos Slim: road chaos, increase in insecurity, worsening water and electricity services, and even the lack of sun, because the huge collection of towers stole that.

The rapid expansion of this corner of the Miguel Hidalgo delegation - encompassing the Granada colonies, Granada extension and Irrigation and parts of the Anáhuac and the Anzures - caught the attention of the architects Rodrigo Ducoing and Guillermo Ortiz and the political scientist Juan Carlos Finck, students of the Master's Degree Projects for Real Estate Urban Development, of the Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA), who have dedicated a year to document the effects of bad urban planning as well as the opportunities and solutions for the new development.

Periode4 jan. 2014