Nordisk samarbejde: komparative statistik og ekspertice på velfærd og sundhed



Præsentation af 70 år gammelt nordisk samarbejde om udvikling af nordisk statistik og indikatorer på sociale forhold og sundhed, dets baggrund og aktuelle udvikling.

Periode13 jun. 2019




  • TitelNordic cooperation: comparative statistics and expertise on welfare and health
    Grad af anerkendelseInternational
    Mediets navn/udlø
    BeskrivelseOver a period of more than 70 years, the Nordic countries have worked together to produce comparative statistics on social and health issues with the goal of informing researchers, public officials, politicians and the public. The collection of statistical data using internationally recognised standards combined with expert knowledge on national regulations makes the continued production of comparative statistics in the two committees, one on social welfare (NOSOSCO) and one on health (NOMESCO), a valuable resource. While some argue that the committees are less important now that European and international statistics are readily available, others consider that there is continued relevance in the production of detailed, comparative Nordic statistics by experts who have extensive knowledge of the legislative background and Nordic context.
    PersonerMichael Henrik Feldballe Hansen