Keys for Smart City Development: Learning from the Nordic Countries (Part 1): Civic Responsibility as the Foundation for Successful City Initiatives



I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Workstyle Innovation Department of Kokuyo Co., Ltd., and the result became a set of articles on "Keys for Smart City Development in the Nordic Countries." 
When we think of smart cities, the focus often directs to visible ICT achievements such as digital signage, drones and robots, and related business success. However, beyond that, some areas value more on human aspects. Some smart cities prioritize  the ultimate goal of "enhancing people's quality of life" and actively engage in creating livable and comfortable cities by leveraging technology and data. One of the prime examples of such areas is found in the Nordic countries.

When talking to the humble Nordics, they often question, "Is our city a smart city?" From my perspective, it is. It is not surprising at all that the Nordic countries are highly regarded as leading smart cities. The reasons have been thoroughly elaborated and discussed in the article as well as in our book. I hope some of you enjoy reading it. 

Periode13 jun. 2023