Introduction to FACE project national validation workshop by project lead Professor Michelle Pace



Professor Michelle Pace from ISE will be organizing a closed validation workshop at RUC on the 23rd and 24th February.

Michelle’s large "Change in Exile" FACE research project focuses on young Syrian refugees in Denmark and Lebanon. Her partners in Lebanon are ALERT International.

During the forthcoming workshop, Michelle will be presenting her preliminary research findings on the role of formal and informal educational activities in promoting socially meaningful encounters between young Syrian refugees and their Danish counterparts.

For this project Michelle has been carrying out ethnographic observations and interviews with young Syrian refugees in the Roskilde municipality, young Danes involved in a dance workshop for both groups, a number of different municipalities’ officials, head teachers from reception classes for refugee minors, dance choreographers, Red Cross legal mentors of refugee minors, amongst others.

Also speaking at this closed workshop will be some of the interviewees mentioned above as well as a psychologist working with young refugee minors, a speaker from Refugee Welcome (CPH), another from the Syrian Cultural institute (also in CPH) and one of our own student representatives from RUC Supports Refugees initiative.

A special guest from Malmö University will speak about UNICEF’s work in Lebanon amongst refugee minors: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices.

Two of Michelle’s colleagues, Professor Thomas Boje and Dr Sune Haugbølle will wrap up the first day of the workshop with their personal reflections on the proceedings of the day.

Day two will be dedicated to group work around the project’s key research questions and the preparation of nuanced and sound policy recommendations for Danish Refugee and Asylum Policy.


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Periode7 feb. 2017


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